3 Most Popular Pool Designs for Small Backyards

The design you choose can mean the difference from a pool you love and a disaster. Homeowners challenged by limited space may think they lack the area to fit a pool on their property. Owning their very own piece of paradise is just not an option. Think again!

Having a pool in your backyard is an indicator you are living a luxurious lifestyle. What about those that are living in more compact living plans? Now all homeowners have fantastic pool installation alternatives. Here are our top three possibilities that are compelling for both form and function.

1. Swim Spa

A swim spa is a brilliant design concept that appeals to many different types of buyers. Some buyers consider spas too small. Others would consider a spa tub because of the therapeutic effects. This modern design idea is perfect because it combines both into one.

Swim Spas have been around since the 1980s, but in recent years their designs have become sleeker and more sophisticated. They are small and affordable but give a pool enthusiast a real workout.

At first glance, these pools may look like a traditional spa tub. What makes them so different is their powerful motor. The motor generates a strong current. Because the current strength can be controlled, any level athlete gets a workout.

Smaller swim spas are not as hot as traditional models. Yet the better models come with dual-zone settings. The custom settings allow one side to deliver higher heat for a more spa-like experience. The other side of the spa stays cooler for swimming laps.

There are a variety of exercises and activities homeowners can do:

  • Swimming laps
  • Water Yoga
  • Water Walking
  • Water Rowing
  • Convertible Pools

2. Lap Pool

Tiny houses have become all the craze. Now it’s time to ditch your Olympic-sized pool too. Lap pools might be the perfect trend just right for your backyard.

These types of pools can be tucked away into the narrowest of spaces. Yet, the kids have a place to swim on a hot day. You have a great way to exercise.

Although most pools are rectangular, creative dimensions remain flexible. Squares need less space than larger rectangular pools. With proper finishing touches and material, they look chic and modern. If you need a pool large enough for taking a quick dip, a square-shaped pool could be your unique space.

3. Find Inspiration

We are happy to show you a wide variety of pool shapes and styles from our past projects. My Pool Builders is also well equipped to draw up something brand new. Whatever you are searching for, we can guarantee that our pools will fit your space perfectly.

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