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How to Choose a Pool Builder

It is a dream come true for a family to have their very own beautiful inground swimming pool. Don’t let that dream turn into a nightmare. Mitigating your risk means being cautious about the company you select to do the work. You want to ask several questions before hiring anybody.

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How to Find the Best Pool Builder for Your Project

You and your family have committed to building an inground pool of your very own. It’s time to get your project started. Let’s dig into the process. 
The simplest way to narrow down your list of potential companies is to talk with other pool owners. Determine if their contractor could

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Ten Things to Look for in a Pool Builder

You have been dreaming about building a pool for years. Maybe it is childhood memories or a weekend at the neighbours that planted the seed. The summer heat is here, and you’re ready to dive into an inground pool of your very own. Before jumping into your next home improvement

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6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Pool Builder

Summer is almost here, and you can picture the endless vacation time spent right in your backyard. There are a hundred reasons you want your pool up and running as soon as possible. Yet, this might be the perfect time to slow things down. You don’t buy an inground swimming

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7 Factors to Consider Before Pool Installation

Imagine having a beautiful inground swimming pool. Your backyard transformed into a virtual paradise. How can you make this happen? At My Pool Builders, we are experts at helping customers get ready for their pool installation projects—proper planning is a must. It always helps to protect your investment. As Australia’s

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How to Find the Best Pool Installers

Most experts agree that choosing the right pool installer is the most important decision in every inground pool project—and finding the right contractor is not so difficult when you know how to look. The qualification with the most weight should not be price. There are plenty of start-up companies that

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What to Look for When Installing a Pool

Perhaps you’re dreading the summer temperatures—you know they are coming. When it gets over 30 degrees, everyone is looking for relief. Being cooped up inside all day is not the ideal way to enjoy the benefits of summer sunshine. Having fun and family time in a backyard pool sounds more

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3 Most Popular Pool Designs for Small Backyards

The design you choose can mean the difference from a pool you love and a disaster. Homeowners challenged by limited space may think they lack the area to fit a pool on their property. Owning their very own piece of paradise is just not an option. Think again! Having a

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